From the CMD

The University of Medical Science Teaching Hospital Complex (UNIMEDTHC) is first of its kind in Nigeria and the whole of West Africa. It is a multi-complex teaching hospital with two complexes located in Ondo and one in Akure. Several existing multi-specialist practices were amalgamated to form UNIMEDTHC. They include a trauma centre, a mother and child hospital and specialist hospitals both in Akure and Ondo; all of these were long-standing facilities that delivered excellent healthcare services over the years. They all came together to form this teaching hospital, giving us a wealth of expertise in our service delivery.

Within two years of establishment, 80 per cent of our clinical departments were accredited by the National Postgraduate Medical College and West African Training Colleges.  We are noted for resolving complex medical issues and we also run the free Abiyamo maternal programme, impacting volumes of people and solving their problems. Our environment is top-class, with highly qualified nurses and doctors at hand to provide top-notch services to all patients, with outstanding world-class care.

We also have a general policy were patients in emergency situations receive care without monetary considerations. We are strategically positioning ourselves to move to the next level where we can begin to attract people who require healthcare services from all parts of Nigeria and outside the country. We hope that with the facilities on ground we would be able to achieve this milestone. I’d like to encourage the public to visit UNIMEDTHC for all their healthcare needs rather than seeking tertiary health care outside the state and country.

Dr. Oluwole Ige